Container Caravan | Portacabin Container for Site Office

Prefab/Prefabricated Container

Container Caravan | Container Prefab | Portacabin Container for Site Office. We specialize in prefab/prefabricated houses and mobile container houses. we will continue to endeavor to supply more creative housing solutions. 

Advantages of prefab/prefabricated container house:

  • Customized design: you can choose what kinds of house you want
  • Light and reliable: steel structure is strong and firm, wind-resistant capacity of >220kph and seismic-resistant capacity of >8 grade
  • Time, labor saving and easy assembly: four skilled workers can finish assembling one standard unit within 4 hours
  • Flexible combination: multiple modular buildings can be easily combined horizontally and vertically
  • Wide applications: our container house, prefab house can be used as hotel, mining camp, office, villa, toilet, shop and workshop
  • Good looking and neat inside: water pipe and wires can be fixed into and be hidden into the sandwich panel
  • Advantages of our shipping container house:
    • Brand new: we produce brand new shipping container and then modified it to be container house
    • Totally customized: we can make over wide container house like 10/12/14 feet wide
    • Plug-and-play: all stuff have been pre-installed in the container and you just need to put it on site, connect to electricity and water
    • Big productivity: more than 50 units can be produced every day, so we can shorten lead-time to meet you needs
    • Wide application of our prefab/prefabricated container house:
      • Office
      • Mining camp/labor camp
      • Hotel or motel
      • Worker’s accommodation
      • School
      • Canteen
      • Villa
      • Apartment

Please do not heisted to ask any further query for Prefab/Prefabricated Container, Office Container, Mining camp/labor camp, Hotel or motel, Worker’s accommodation, School, Canteen, Villa and Apartment. 

  • Best Regards
  • Ganpat Yadav
  • Cell : 055 2368965

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