Prefab Container Homes | Caravan Prefab Offices

Prefab Container Homes

Prefab Container Homes | Caravan Prefab Offices. caravan prefab company built entire collection of flexible, multi-use living units out of reused shipping containers. Client can use the structures as a backyard cottage, garage suite, weekend getaway or combine them to create apartments and multi-family developments. 

We always believe to design and build custom branded commercial displays and unique shipping container homes for our clients in all over the GCC. 

We can manufacture the  permanent or temporary structure including: shipping container homes, offices, retail stores, restaurants, Small houses, pop up shops, camps, apartments, storage facilities, event displays, emergency housing, bathroom facilities Etc. 

Please do not heisted to ask any further query for Prefab Container Homes | Caravan Prefab Offices. 

  • Best Regards
  • Ganpat Yadav
  • Cell : 055 2368965




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