Fire-Rated Caravan Cabins In UAE

Fire-Rated Caravan Cabins

Fire-Rated Caravan Cabins In UAE | Fire-Rated Caravan Cabins In Dubai | Fire-Rated Caravan Cabins Sharjah | Fire-Rated Caravan Cabins In Al Ain. Fire Rated Caravan for multiple uses from offices to accommodation, you can hire office cabins in UAE, QATAR, OMAN & SAUDI ARABIA that meet safety needs to create alluring site offices.

Caravan Prefab Company In UAE

Fire-Rated Caravan Cabins In Dubai Al Ain Sharjah Abu Dhabi UAE

Please do not heisted to ask any further query for Fire Resistant Caravan cabins in all over UAE and GCC. 

Best Regards

  • Ganpat Yadav
  • Cell : 055 2368965

2 thoughts on “Fire-Rated Caravan Cabins In UAE

  1. Hi Ganpat, I’m looking for 2-hour fire rated caravan for one of our project in Saudi. The caravan needs to be UL/ULC listed. Let me if you can provide the same with NFPA/civil defense certification besides UL/ULC. the total requirement is for 15 caravans.

    Your early response will be appreciated.



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